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Yogash chitta vritti nirodah


Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of mind.

translated by Edwin F. Bryant


Tada drashtuh svarupe 'vasthanam


Then the seer abides in his own true nature.

translated by Sri Swami Satchidananda


Yoga is a place of balance, an intimate connection between body and mind, the world around us and beyond us. It gives us a framework to develop a deeper awareness and understanding to live a more meaningful, happy life – even if it’s just for a moment every day.

3hr mini-retreat – at Yogahome


Vinyasa, restorative, nidra

Sunday 8 October 2024
16:00 – 19:00

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Planning ahead


Winter weekend retreat

6 – 8 December 2024
Fintry House, Surrey

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Develop and deepen your practice


Tailor-made 1-2-1 sessions

in my little yoga room

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For me

Yoga is


taking the effort to get up and onto my mat in the morning


watching my breath for an hour without getting upset that my mind wanders every few seconds


taking up challenges and meeting my fears when practicing handstands


paying attention


practicing kindness


becoming a better listener




freedom from misunderstanding


and so many other things…

My yoga journey

I’ve been fascinated by yoga and meditation since my early teens, but other than reading books on Buddhism, Taoism, existential philosophy and everything else a teenager is usually attracted to nothing much ever came of it. In the early 2000s I finally started practicing Tai Chi and going on meditation retreats, and on one of those retreats I had my first yoga class. Back in London I was quickly hooked and yoga immediately became a constant in my life.

I was interested in a practice that emphasised the breath – establishing the focus for a moving meditation – and started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga – linking breath with movement and finding space and alignment within a posture through the breath. Staying within the Krishnamacharya lineage my practice soon evolved into a more free flow Vinyasa yoga style, where there’s space to focus on different physical and energetic themes with every practice. And this is the style I’ve been teaching in since 2009.

My classes interweave yoga philosophy and thoughts on the psychology of the mind with intelligent, imaginative (and often somewhat unusual), fun sequences. Connection to the breath, attention to alignment, exploration of functional movement, and encouragement to develop clarity and awareness off the mat are integral to my teaching.

I also love the complementing balancing nature of a gentle flow and restorative yoga practice and regularly teach these in 4 week courses and on retreat.

I’m a teacher trainer for Yogacampus on the yoga and meditation teacher trainings, and support trainees in their own journey of becoming teachers. I also offer regular CPD training workshops. I provide mentoring for yoga and meditation teachers (and those from related fields) both in group sessions and 1-2-1.

My teaching is inclusive, and infused by warmth, care and humour. It typically includes (always optional) hands-on assists and eclectic playlists.

I’m passionate about my own ever evolving practice and am lucky to continue studying with and being inspired by some of the world’s leading yoga teachers including Richard Freeman, Alan Finger, Shiva Rea, Doug Keller and Rod Stryker amongst many others. I also have amazing students in London and beyond that inspire and support me on my yoga journey.

I’m registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a senior yoga teacher and have done well over 800 hours of teacher training intensives and workshops. I hold a 200hr teacher training diploma from yogacampus, accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. I’ve trained in yin yoga and mindfulness with Sarah Powers and I’m also trained to teach meditation and mindfulness at 200hr level with additional advanced training in trauma-sensitive mindfulness. Additionally, I trained in neuroscience with Dr Sarah McKay at the Neuroscience Academy.

Connect with me

Stay up to date on weekly class themes, regular and one off classes and interesting yoga bits I come across every now and then