Sa tu dirghakala nairantarya satkara asevitah drdhabhumih


Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.

translated by Sri Swami Satchidananda


Workshops provide a great opportunity to deepen and explore your practice in more detail.

Please always let me know in advance, if you have any injuries or conditions that might affect your practice.
Unless otherwise specified all levels apart from complete beginners are welcome.

Transition & transform

a yin & yang workshop

As we are transitioning out of lockdown, this is just a reminder of what’s true always: things change, nothing is permanent. The summer season is flowing in, our inner weather with its moods, hopes and worries changes, our yoga practice is constantly moving and evolving on the small scale in each class and on the larger scale over the years.
How do we take our transitions, how do we relate to change, what in our life can be transformed?

In this 2 hour workshop we will explore themes of transition and transformation with an energetic vinyasa flow sequence guided by the breath, balanced with a slow, calming restorative practice – a chance to stay longer with any physical or mental experience bringing consciousness into a calm, meditative space. We’ll finish with a long, deep yoga nidra (yogic sleep) – a guided relaxation practice to bring about physical, mental and emotional ease. 

Balance movement and stillness, strength and flexibility, effort and ease, the inner and the outer, so that we can find space and ease in our movements and transitions on and off the mat. Then the ever changing nature of life will bring new inspiration and stimulation and we feel balanced, content and open the door to happiness.

For all levels apart from complete beginners.

Recording: £12, concessions available: please get in touch

To receive the recording, please email me for my account details. You will receive a link to the video once payment is received.

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I also teach mindfulness and self-compassion courses and workshops and give regular talks around these topics

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Activate and release –
neck, shoulders, back

a 4 week course, live on Zoom

Thursdays 28 May – 18 June, 18:00 – 19:00
Wednesdays 3 – 24 June, 19:30 – 20:30


Working from home at the moment? With hours hunched over in front of a screen… Or looking after a baby or toddler? With the heavy lifting that comes with it…

Our ways of moving – and also not moving – often mean shoulders are tight, the neck stiff and the back achy. This can be a result of poor posture, muscle tension or overuse. And these parts of the body also tense when we feel stress or worried, as might be the case at the moment with the uncertainty and challenges we find ourselves in.

To release some of this tension we need to activate the muscles around neck, shoulders and back as well as mobilise them – so essentially strengthen as well as release.

Over the course of 4 sessions we’ll look at strengthening core and upper body, including neck, back and shoulders, as well as actively creating more mobility and passively releasing tension. We’ll work in a small group, so that we can connect with each other, address any questions and comments, and receive individual attention.

Participants limited to 6 – 10 people

Cost: £50, concessions available: please get in touch

Email me to book

Nourishing the heart

a yin & yang workshop

Sunday 26th January 2020, 14:00 – 17:00

at The Life Centre Islington

As we transition into the new year, this workshop encourages reflection on the motivations, intentions and values, that bring meaning into our lives. With more inner clarity we are able to better see our needs, and connect inward through self-care and compassion.

We will start with some guided reflection and then transition into an energetic vinyasa flow sequence, weaving poses on the thread of the breath, cultivating joy and confidence. Then we’ll create balance by coming back to stillness and deeper connection of body, heart and mind. A slow yin and restorative flow and a deep guided relaxation will encourage inner listening to bring to the surface what it means for us to be alive fully, as we move into the year ahead.

For all levels apart from complete beginners.