Transition and transform, a yin & yang workshop

As we are transitioning out of lockdown, this is just a reminder of what’s true always: things change, nothing is permanent. The summer season is flowing in, our inner weather with its moods, hopes and worries changes, our yoga practice is constantly moving and evolving on the small scale in each class and on the larger scale over the years. How do we take our transitions, how do we relate to change, what in our life can be transformed?

In this 2 hour workshop we will explore themes of transition and transformation with an energetic vinyasa flow sequence guided by the breath, balanced with a slow, calming restorative practice – a chance to stay longer with any physical or mental experience bringing consciousness into a calm, meditative space.

We’ll finish with a long, deep yoga nidra (yogic sleep) – a guided relaxation practice to bring about physical, mental and emotional ease.

Balance movement and stillness, strength and flexibility, effort and ease, the inner and the outer, so that we can find space and ease in our movements and transitions on and off the mat. Then the ever changing nature of life will bring new inspiration and stimulation and we feel balanced, content and open the door to happiness.

For all levels apart from complete beginners.