Standing balances flying towards galavasana – flying pigeon

This is the 2nd part of a series of classes exploring the Koshas – the 5 layers (or sheaths) of our being.

The first layer is the Annamaya Kosha – literally the ‘food’ body.
It includes the structure of our skeleton, the muscles and tissues around, the organs, veins and arteries, etc. – the physical body. And also anything we can perceive through our senses, and in a wider sense the ordinary world – representing our daily life.
This part of us is affected by our posture, temperature changes, quality of food, circadian rhythms, and so on. 
When it’s difficult to fully feel the physical body, we may feel ungrounded, spacey, and fearful. And when we can consciously inhabit our physical body we often automatically feel more centered, grounded, present and intuitively tuned in to what we need to nourish the body.

We start with gentle movement, really connecting to the felt experience of the body. We set patterns on the floor that we then take into more challenging standing balances. We contrast square hip warrior stances with open hip postures working our way to flying pigeon – galavasana.

I give options and modifications for all levels.




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