Shoulder stability and mobility, side bends and twists towards side crow

This is the second part of a 3 part series exploring our basic needs: safety, satisfaction and connection. We need satisfaction, from having enough to eat – maybe even things we like to eat – to doing things we enjoy, to feeling that life is worth living (meaningful to us). When we’re not satisfied we might feel frustrated, or disappointed, or bored, or depressed. But there are also many different ways to feel satisfied. One large part of cultivating satisfaction is to develop a sense of appreciation or gratitude for everything positive or beneficial we already have in our life.

We start by mobilising and stabilising the shoulders, taking it into side bend variations and on to twists and backbends, exploring some twisted standing balances and working towards side crow. Our shoulder opening theme progresses through mermaid arm variations with different clasps and culminates in cow face pose (gomukhasana) and king pigeon (rajakapotasana).