Principles of alignment


4 pre-recorded hour long sessions that you can take in your own time and revisit as often as you like

In this course we explore different groups of postures and the fundamental principles of alignment present in each group. We’ll explore poses from the ground up, develop a feel for the principles of foundation and grounding, as well as rebounding and lightness, and learn to apply these concepts to groups of postures from the same family.

Cost: £40

Unlimited course access, including email support for questions – just get in touch with me.

Concessions available on a sliding scale: please get in touch

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Session 1

Underlying principles for working with the body, and standing poses

We’ll set the scene by looking at component parts for postures in general and then take a closer look at key alignment principles for standing poses. We’ll include symmetrical and asymmetrical poses, square hip and open hip postures.

Session 2

Forward bends, expanding on standing poses, fundamental upper body strengtheners

We’ll expand on what we have learned about standing postures in the first session, revisit open hip standing poses, examine some fundamental upper body strengtheners (think chaturanga :), and then focus on forward bends.

Isabell’s teaching is fun, non-dogmatic - the physical fundamentals of postures are seamlessly taught alongside philosophical ideas. I learnt so much in the alignment course - any practitioner of any level would benefit from it.

Principles of alignment course participant

Isabell is thorough, clear, inclusive and so knowledgeable. This course has left me more informed and secure in my own self practice.

Principles of alignment course participant

The course introduced me to new postures and practices that encouraged me to connect with my body in different and unexpected ways. I feel that my yoga vocabulary has increased, and I have new tools to include in my personal yoga practice that will help me to develop further strength, flexibility and awareness in my lower body.

Activate and release - hips, legs, feet course participant

I have done many online yoga videos targeting the neck and shoulders but this is of a different level - Isabell has clearly studied the topic in depth and offers something way more knowledgeable and effective

Activate and release - neck, shoulders, back course participant

I would say Isabell teaches with a great deal of precision, but she is also warm and funny enough that you feel encouraged rather than intimidated. I feel inspired to take better care of myself.

Activate and release - neck, shoulders, back course participant

Isabell’s teaching has always been second to none, she has a beautifully calming energy, is very inclusive making her classes enjoyable for people of all levels, and through variety, creativity and her extensive & impressive knowledge & experience of yoga, every class is different with the opportunity to always learn something new

Session 3


We explore key alignment principles and necessary actions for prone, standing and supine backbends including their benefits and as in every sessions contraindications and precautions.

Session 4


We’ll wrap up with a focus on twists. Twists are often the most complex postures and benefit from building up to through forward bends and backbends.

In this 4 hour digital course you will learn:

Fundamental principles of alignment for different posture categories

Physical, emotional and energetic benefits

Anatomical understanding of the postures

Common misalignment

Contraindications and cautions


For newer yogis: You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to practice safely, find your alignment naturally, and follow teachers in class more easily.

For more seasoned yogis: Take your practice to the next level by exploring more subtle energetic principles of each pose, and find stillness and effortlessness through your breath.

Cost: £40

Unlimited course access, including email support for questions – just get in touch with me.

Concessions available on a sliding scale: please get in touch

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