Opening the hamstrings for handstands and more

This is the 5th part of a series of classes exploring the Koshas – the 5 layers (or sheaths) of our being. We dive deeper into our mental patterns and explore the samskaras – habits, beliefs, views, opinions, prejudices, fears – that we’ve absorbed from family, culture and our previous experience. When we can see them for what we are we can tap into a boundless quality of the mind – free from constraints…and the basis for clear perception and skilful action.

In this high heat practice, the mind needs to stay absorbed in physical activity. We need to stay really present. We’ll explore hamstring opening and side plank variations with some interesting transitions carrying a leg forwards and backwards on our mats. With this preparation we approach Adho Mukha Vrksasana – handstand – from a split leg position.

I give options and modifications for all levels.



Music: Retreat gold coast, free from