Journey towards astavakrasana – 8 angle pose

Over the next few weeks we’ll explore the Koshas – the 5 sheaths or layers of our being.
The model of the 5 sheaths is described in the Taittirya Upanishad as a multidimensional map of the human being – from the periphery, the outer layers of skin and the physical body, to the core of the self…

These 5 layers represent various ‘parts’ that we experience and identify as ourselves. They interpenetrate each other, bringing together body, heart and mind, and connect us to a deeper experience of ourselves in the world.

We will start by mobilising the spine and play with variations of warrior III – supported and then unsupported. The sequence includes hip openers like warrior II, tree pose, bird of paradise and the very classic archers pose (akharna dhanurasana), before we reach the arm balance astavakrasana.




Music: Flight to Tunisia, youtube music library