Inner strength, inner light – a yin & yang workshop

There’s an idea in psychology and medicine that fundamentally, the path your life takes depends on just three causes: how you manage your challenges, protect your vulnerabilities, and increase your resources. These causes are located in three places: your world or environment, your body, and your mind.

In this 2 hour workshop we will work particularly with the body and mind to connect to and build on our inner strength – physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’ll start with an energetic vinyasa flow sequence guided by the breath – a great way to metabolise stress hormones and send signals to the nervous system to relax. We will then transition into a slow, calming restorative sequence and finish with a deep guided relaxation (yoga nidra).

We’ll explore tools for body and mind to build resilience and calm strength, so that we can start to tap into places of lightness, ease and calm.

For all levels apart from complete beginners.




Preview music: Aroshanti