Gentle flow and restore: safety, satisfaction, connection – part1

This is the first part of a 3 part series exploring our basic needs: safety, satisfaction and connection.

We need safety – we need our basic needs met and feel protected. We need basic health. So to feel safe we learn to avoid harm (like  touching a hot hob, or staying away from people that don’t treat us well).

We need to feel satisfied – derive some sort of meaning out of our life.

And we need connection – we are social creatures. If these needs aren’t met, we feel stressed, worried, frustrated, anxious, or worse… Our practice is a great tool to re-establishing a stable base – to ground, to trust. Feeling the body, feeling the breath, being present.

These are tools that we have to bring stability into our life and build strength – inside and outside. So that we can use this inner support system to feel more resilient and strong, and perceive our life as meaningful. A gentle and delicious session, moving with the breath, limbering and awakening the whole body, finishing with a couple of restorative poses.