Flowing hip stabilisation and standing transitions – playing with adduction and abduction

This is the 4th part of a series of classes exploring the Koshas – the 5 layers (or sheaths) of our being.

This time we’ll look at the sheath of the thinking mind – the Manomaya Kosha. This is where we process the input from the senses and create understanding. We form meaning out of ideas, thoughts and memory: You know who you are by what you think. You know who you are by what you remember about the past. We’ll look at four aspects of the mind: Reason or intellect (buddhi), the rational mind (manas), the contents of the mind or consciousness (chitta) and ego or identification (ahamkara).

We start with some flowing bridge and supine core variations, before taking it into a hip stabilising standing balancing sequence that will create our starting pattern for what’s to follow. We’ll add on standing hip openers and interesting transitions from goddess pose to a legs-crossed-over lateral stretch.

I give options and modifications for all levels.




Music: Backyard bash, Pala, free from soundstripe.com