Explore stability & instability – hamstring opening + balancing: bird of paradise/splits – preview

This is the first part of a 3 part series exploring our basic needs: safety, satisfaction and connection. We need safety – we need our basic needs met and feel protected. We need basic health. So to feel safe we learn to avoid harm (like  touching a hot hob, or staying away from people that don’t treat us well).  We need to feel satisfied – derive some sort of meaning out of our life. And we need connection – we are social creatures. If these needs aren’t met, we feel stressed, worried, frustrated, anxious, or worse… Our practice is a great tool to re-establishing a stable base – to ground, to trust. Feeling the body, feeling the breath, being present. These are tools that we have to bring stability into our life and build strength – inside and outside. So that we can use this inner support system to feel more resilient and strong, and perceive our life as meaningful.


We start by touching in to our inner strength – the core of the body. Then we explore our connection to the ground in more naturally stable poses like downward dog, but particularly in less stable poses, playing with standing balances. We’ll explore stability, grounding, trusting within our instability and a general sense of uncertainty. We gradually lengthen the hamstrings and create space in the hips to reach our final expression in bird of paradise (svarga dvijasana) and front splits (hanumanasana). I give options and modifications for all levels.