Exploration of twist on all fours and other half bow shapes

This is the 3rd part of a series of classes exploring the Koshas – the 5 layers (or sheaths) of our being.

This time we’ll look at our vital energy sheath – the Pranamaya Kosha. It corresponds to our physiology: breathing, digestion, circulation, as well as the flow of feelings in your body – feeling energized, sleepy, dull, restless, or calm. In a wider sense it also includes a sense of connectedness. An understanding that we exist as part of a wider container, and there’s no clear separation between us and the world around us. While we might feel separate and unique and special, we interdepend and are deeply connected with what’s around us.

We start with pranayama to connect to our vital energy, before moving through a layered sequence of twists on all fours – working towards half bow variations – core strengtheners, forearm variations and twisted lunges.

I give options and modifications for all levels.





Music: Blueberry bungalow Mikey Geiger, free from soundstripe.com