Earth – a stable base to shift and move from

Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. If any element is out of balance, disease, or stress arise. The aim of practice is to create balance: physically, emotionally and mentally – a state of strength, openness, ease, clarity.

Over the next few weeks we’ll explore the way we can relate to the elements from the inside out. So we’ll look at the way the elements express themselves within the body and what that means for our physical, emotional and mental state.

In this practice we explore our relationship to the earth, and play with some interesting transitions to examine how we relate to gravity and how we can find stability within instability.

Staying fairly close to the ground – connected to the earth – we gradually work to strengthen the legs, open the hips and hip flexors at the fronts of the thighs, and the back body through forward bends. We’ll also play with  some interesting balances and transitions close to the ground.


This class has a moderately paced flow and is most suitable if you’ve been practicing for a little while.

Options and modifications for all levels are included.



Preview music: Dance of the mammoths, youtube music library