Build strength for interesting standing transitions and headstand

This class has a moderately paced flow and is most suitable if you’ve been practicing for a little while.


In this practice we explore the key ingredients for yoga practice, as Patañjali mentions them in the yoga sutras: Tapas – effort or enthusiasm, svadhyaya – self study, and ishvara pranidhana – trust in the process of transformation (in a somewhat free translation).

We create inner strength and stoke our inner fire. First through a cleansing and core strengthening breathing practice – kapalabhati kriya, then through variations of leg strengthening and hip stabilising poses with some interesting transitions from standing to seated. We work into the hips, particularly focusing on adduction of the legs and internal rotation of the thighs, and prepare upper body and core for headstand.

Options and modifications for all levels are included.



Music: Blueberry bungalow Mikey Geiger, free from