The 5 elements

Earth, water, fire, air, space

An online yoga and meditation course including full length vinyasa flow yoga classes, short lectures, guided meditations and bonus material that you can work through in your own time and revisit as often as you like.

Cost: £79

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This online course explores the five basic elements from an experiential internal perspective. We’ll look at physical as well as mental expressions of the elements – from the more obvious to the more subtle. This can be a powerful way to experiment with movement, deepen our understanding of the mind, and help body, heart and mind to feel balanced.

The course consists of 5 modules, plus additional resources and bonus material – about 8 hours of material. Each module builds on the last. You can explore each module for a few days before moving on to the next, or you can move back and forth between modules at your own self-guided pace.

We’ll explore the qualities of the elements:

Earth – solidity

hardness, roughness, heaviness, softness, smoothness, lightness

Water – fluidity

cohesion, flowing

Fire – temperature

heat, cold

Air – movement

supporting, pushing

Space – emptiness

the container to hold them all

Vinyasa flow classes

5 x 60min videos


4 x 10mins videos

Guided meditations

4 x 25min audio

Yoga nidra

16min deep guided relaxation

What else will you get

 Pose spotlight for each element

Prompts for self-inquiry and journaling with each module

10min video tutorial: How to set up a meditation posture

Resources for additional reading

Email me to ask questions

Longterm access to course recordings

Around 8 hours of material

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anyone with an understanding of vinyasa flow yoga, and general level of fitness. Prior meditation experience could be helpful, but is certainly not a requirement. The meditation sessions are suitable for all including complete beginners.

Please read this additional information before purchasing the course

I’m delighted if you can benefit from these practices. And I also acknowledge that different things work for different people.

The vinyasa flow classes require a general level of fitness. I offer modifications both to increase accessibility, as well as create more challenges (that are not suitable for everyone). Please keep yourself (and your furniture) safe and always work within a pain-free range! 

You have the privilege and the responsibility to look after your own health and wellbeing. Rest whenever you need to. 

Please listen to my voice – more than looking at the screen – to keep your neck happy. You may prefer to position your screen towards the top left corner of the mat – which might give you the easiest view most often :).

If you are at all unsure whether these practices are suitable for you, please don’t participate. Just as a little disclaimer: please note that by participating in these sessions you agree that you do so at your own risk, and assume all risk of injury to yourself. You agree to release me of any claims or causes of action known or unknown arising out of these sessions.

Meditation is a beneficial tool for self-development for many, but doesn’t work for everyone. If you have any concerns, please speak to a health care professional before signing up to the course.

Cost: £79


Including unlimited course access, around 3.5hrs of video and audio material, and email support for questions – just get in touch with me.

Concessions available on a sliding scale: please get in touch.

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Here are some voices from previous course participants:

Isabell is a wonderful teacher who understands the transformational power of meditation. Understanding the four elements is a great entry point for studying meditation. Everyone who attends this course will learn something that will stick for a long time, perhaps a lifetime. The balance of teaching and practice is perfect and I can recommend this course unreservedly. It is also the ideal application for online teaching. Thanks Isabell - I look forward to the next course.

Meditation course participant

I really enjoy the flowing and meditative nature of Isabell's classes. Each class builds-up poses around differing themes accompanied by some great soundtracks. There is an insightful blend of yoga theory with strong practice.
Isabell has thoughtful new approaches to the poses I have always found challenging, and thanks to these classes I have continued to evolve my practice and am still finding new aspects of yoga to enjoy!

Yoga class participant

Isabell's courses are so valuable and provide teaching and tools that I continue to use in my daily life. Her thoughtful, compassionate approach and wise teachings are something special to look forward to each week.

Meditation course participant

Isabell has enabled me to really deepen my practice due to her expertise in and passion for yoga. Her approach is full of warmth, energy and humour and I always come away from her dynamic classes energised.

Yoga class participant

Meditation is often a journey into the unknown that can be daunting. But with Isabell's expert guidance I was unintimidated and just wanted to go further and deeper; to explore more. This is a brilliant foundation on which to build a regular practice. I'm truly grateful to have such an inspirational teacher.

3 characteristics of life - meditation course participant

Really creative and considered classes - plenty of opportunities to try new things, and options given for different intensities. Really enjoying it.

Yoga class participant
My practice and teaching

I started my teaching journey in 2009 and now teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation at a senior level. I teach online worldwide, and at studios in London. I also train new yoga and meditation teachers.

My flowing vinyasa yoga classes interweave yoga philosophy and thoughts on the psychology of the mind with intelligent and imaginative sequences. Connection to the breath, attention to alignment, exploration of functional movement, and encouragement to develop clarity and awareness off the mat are integral to my teaching.

My mindfulness and meditation practice and teaching draws from my background in Vipassana (Insight) – a Buddhist approach to meditation based on the Theravada lineage, but universally valid independent of any religious believes. Developing mindful awareness and a calm abiding in the present moment are central to the practice.

My classes, courses, workshops and retreats cover a range of subjects including mindfulness, self-compassion, resilience, eastern philosophy, modern psychology, neuroscience and more.