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Teacher training and mentoring

Keep learning and growing

I’m part of the Yogacampus and Yogarise teacher training faculties, and offer a range of short Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops and long trainings for yoga teachers (and trainees). They can help you to deepen your knowledge, grow and develop on your teaching journey.

All workshops are fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

I regularly teach meditation teacher courses in different formats: short 1 day CPD workshops, intensive 6 day trainings over 2 weeks and longer trainings over 4 to 10 weeks. They either take place live online or in-person in South London. Click below to see what’s coming up.

In-person or live on Zoom


1-2-1 mentoring

Support and supervision for yoga and meditation teachers

In private mentoring sessions I provide a non-judgmental, open space to allow you to reflect on your teaching experience, ask questions, nurture what you love about your work as a teachers, reconnect to your inner resources and inspiration, and receive guidance, advice, support and reassurance from an experienced senior teacher.

I have been involved in training yoga teachers and mentoring trainees since 2017. I hugely enjoy supporting people on their journey as they grow into their role as teachers. Many body-mind related professions require regular supervision with a senior teacher. And I know from experience how much I benefit from mine. As a mentor, I approach supervision as more than professional development. I see it as a way to grow on a personal level, build resilience and approach life and teaching in an empowered and embodied way.

Cost: £70 for 60mins, or £315 for 5 sessions

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1 day workshop – live on Zoom


An introduction to trauma-sensitive teaching

Date to be confirmed

In England, around 1 in 3 adults report having experienced at least one traumatic event in their life (according to the Mental Health Foundation). In any given week 1 out of 25 people live with post-traumatic stress disorder, and many more with general anxiety and depression (according to Mind – the mental health charity).

There’s a high chance that some of these people will seek support through movement practises including yoga – and indeed, movement can be a beneficial tool to support healing – or hope to find help through meditation. So, the chance that you have someone falling into these categories in every single one of your classes is high – and most likely you’ll never know about it…

This course provides an overview of how to teach general classes through a trauma-sensitive lens – whether it’s yoga, tai chi, pilates, dance, meditation or related modalities.

What you learn

In this workshop you’ll develop an understanding of:

  • What trauma is
  • The effects of trauma on the nervous system 
  • Signs and symptoms of trauma
  • The window of tolerance
  • The coping response of the brain
  • Common triggers

And you’ll learn practical tools to make your classes more trauma-sensitive, including:

  • Understanding safety, inclusivity and diversity when teaching mixed classes 
  • Posture options and choices to support self-regulation
  • The importance and power of language
  • Consent around hands-on assists
  • Healthy boundaries and taking care of yourself as a teacher

How it works

The workshop will include:

  • Short guided yoga and meditation practices
  • Discussions and lectures
  • Methods and tools to respond to trauma in a general class

You will gain an understanding of how to teach through a trauma-sensitive lens, and the confidence to deliver classes that establish safety, are inclusive and inherently acknowledge different lived experiences, while also being empowering and supporting confidence. You’ll be able to respond to a variety of psychological needs whether you have students with trauma in the room or not. 

Who it’s for

This workshop is primarily aimed at yoga and meditation teachers and trainee teachers. However, the ideas discussed will be relevant to anyone teaching movement or stillness, or anyone interested in a basic understanding of trauma.

Important note: This workshop is designed to give you an overview of the effects of trauma, and skilfully bring this knowledge into a general class. This is not a workshop that will teach you to work with trauma survivors in a specialised setting. And neither is it designed to help support your own healing journey if you’re living with trauma. If in doubt, please feel very welcome to check in with me to find out if this workshop is for you.


Following the workshop you’ll receive a certificate of completion and qualify for 6.5 CPD hours with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

My teaching

I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation since 2009 and have been involved in training and mentoring yoga and meditation teachers since 2017. I’m passionate about creating inclusive, safe spaces in my yoga classes and have completed training in trauma-sensitive teaching with various teachers over many years. Most notably I trained in trauma-sensitive mindfulness at an advanced level with David Treleaven.

Cost: £90

Concessions available on a sliding scale – please email me.

Email me to register your interest