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Mentoring support and supervision for yoga and meditation teachers


As teachers, part of our role is to support and hold others. We can forget our need to be held, too. We also need to be supported, and keep growing whether we are just starting out or are already experienced teachers.

Stay connected with why you started teaching — working together in a mentoring relationship is a great way to share, discuss, learn and grow.

Some of us are new teachers, others more experienced, and yet there are times we all need to feel reassured, and confident we are doing the right thing. You may be looking for practical or psychological support to build skills, or ways to look after yourself.

I have been involved in training yoga and meditation teachers, and mentoring trainees since 2017. I hugely enjoy supporting people on their journey as they grow into their role as teachers. Many body-mind related professions require regular supervision with a senior teacher. And I know from experience how much I benefit from mine.

As a mentor, I approach supervision as more than professional development. I see it as a way to grow on a personal level, build resilience and approach life and teaching in an empowered and embodied way.

What I offer

Sessions can be in person or live online


One-off mentoring sessions

£70 for 60 minutes


Regular mentoring sessions at 10% discount

£315 for a bundle of 5



£99 for a 60 min class

with a brief discussion after and written report with detailed feedback

I started working with Isabell shortly after completing my meditation teacher training. The one to one sessions enabled me to understand concepts at a deeper level and Isabell's experience has been essential in helping me formalise my first beginners courses. Could not recommend working with Isabell more highly.

Meditation teacher

Typical topics include


Preparing your weekly sessions effectively


Structuring and sequencing a class creatively


Thinking of new creative offerings to add to your teaching


Integrating themes, philosophy, or meditation into classes


Using music to add additional richness and depth to the class


Holding space for your clients


Dealing with difficult dynamics with studios or clients


Making teaching sustainable and looking after yourself


Advice on technology – teaching on Zoom, setting up your website, sending newsletters, social media

Get in touch

Book a mentoring session or class observation, or simply find out a little more whether this is for you.

Email me to start a conversation