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I thought the whole weekend was fantastic - loved it all and would find it hard to make any improvements to it. You are a very generous and inspiring teacher 🙂


The yin sessions were, as always, a really special part of the retreat. It is such a luxury to be able to take time to just ease in to the postures and hold them for several minutes at a time.


The yoga sessions where excellent - for me length of time perfect and what I would of expected from a retreat. I think I was one of the least experienced, but I learnt an awful lot and left feeling really enthused about what yoga has to offer me, and immediately I want to do more! Am definitely interested in more retreats with your in the future.


Sessions were of good length, with a good range of options to suit the varying abilities. I would do more if it were available, but with 5 hours of yoga on Saturday, there's not much scope to increase on that. Food was plentiful and tasty.


We both really enjoyed our weekend. And I've learned about yin yoga! Thank you - you're a brilliant teacher. Beautiful, relaxing venue too. We both felt so much better starting this week as a result.


I really liked the yoga, I also enjoyed talking to different people and the things that you talked about with us during the sessions.


I absolutely loved all classes. The more intense morning - sweating, practicing and trying new moves was a joy
over to the evening Yin which was a completely different pace and level of intensity. The Yin stretching was nicely challenging at points, but great for opening my body up more.


I've already recommended it to many friends, and would definitely be up for a longer period next time. Sad to come home at the end of it.


I enjoyed the great yoga, lovely people and relaxed and friendly nature of it all. I felt I could really disconnect. Loved everything. Thank you for your wonderful energy - it was a great weekend.

Sarah L.

I wanted to say what a wonderful time I had and how profoundly grateful I am to you for the lessons I have learnt through your teaching of yoga.


The timing and duration of the sessions was well balanced, especially having the more dynamic practice pre brunch. The subtle overlapping of asana, pranayama and meditation provided a unified workshop where the whole was greater than the sum of the parts.


I very much enjoyed the yoga sessions and have nothing further to add. I think you are an amazing teacher.
I love the venue and Clare and her husband were very hospitable.


The level of practice was well structured and I thought there was something for everyone with the various options given. I was certainly challenged at times, and the way you built it up over the course of the week was great. The yoga room was light and airy and furnished with a plentiful supply of props.


The whole experience was fabulous. Having a firey morning practice followed by a gentle evening practice was the best combination for me. I really enjoy hearing about the philosophy / history.