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Practice wherever you are

This is a comprehensive on-demand library of classes – ranging from short and free invigorating sun burst sun salutes and quick tutorials, to full length vinyasa classes (including some level 1 classes), and gentle flow and restore sessions. There’s also a growing number of 4hr courses and two hour workshops on offer. Have a browse through and I hope you find what you’re looking for…

How do I filter the video library to find what I'm looking for?

Please use the filters below to select a broad category.

Once you have selected a video, you will be able to apply more filters for class focus points – like ‘hips‘, ‘backbends‘, ‘twists‘ or ‘shoulders‘, or class themes (often part of a series) – like ‘Breath, prana, prana vayu’.

How do I get access to full length classes?

Short classes under 40mins: free
60 – 75min classes: £5 for 1, £20 for 5, £30 for 10
120min workshops: £7

Concessions are available – please just email me.

Click on the ‘Purchase full class’ button on the right of each class page. Within the purchasing form, you can also select to buy a bundle of classes and specify respective class numbers.

Once I receive payment, I’ll send you the link to the full class. You can then enjoy the class or workshop as often as you like. Please don’t share these link with anyone else. We’re all trying to pay the bills, and I do offer concessions with no questions asked…

How do I keep myself safe?

I’m delighted if you can benefit from these practices, and I want to make this a safe space. This also includes that – just like I do in my regular classes – I offer modifications that are more challenging and not suitable for everyone. Please keep yourself (and your furniture) safe! You have the privilege and the responsibility to look after your own health and wellbeing. Rest whenever you need to.

Please listen to my voice, more than looking at the screen to keep your neck happy. You may prefer to position your screen towards the top left corner of the mat – which might give you the easiest view most often :).

If you are at all unsure whether these practices are suitable for you, please don’t participate. Just as a little disclaimer, please note that by participating in these classes you agree that you do so at your own risk, and assume all risk of injury to yourself. You agree to release me of any claims or causes of action known or unknown arising out of these sessions.

I welcome any feedback or questions – please email me.

Any other videos available?

I also have a series of high quality online classes and tutorials available on the Conscious Life platform. Get a free trial to explore the huge range of available content or sign up with a 25% discount.

Pre-recorded online courses

5 elements course

8 hour yoga and meditation course

Cultivating presence course

3.5 hour meditation course

Principles of alignment course

4 x 60mins course

Classes, workshops, tutorials

Funky forearms

60min vinyasa flow

Space – connecting inwards and outwards

60min vinyasa flow

Air – Opening the heart to the joy of life

60min vinyasa flow

Fire – playing with strength and confidence

60min vinyasa flow

Water – fluidity and ease

60min vinyasa flow

Earth – a stable base to shift and move from

60min vinyasa flow

Open the heart – Sun burst sun salutes

17min sunburst sun salutes

Low to the ground balances and backbends – Creative Play

17min creative play

Hip and hamstring opening towards visvamitrasana

60min vinyasa flow

Balance, twist, turn – Sun burst sun salutes

19min sunburst sun salute

Gentle flow and restore with some alternate nostril breathing

60min gentle flow & restore

Twist and flow – including twisted arm balances and inversions

60min vinyasa level 1

Twist and flow – including twisted arm balances and inversions

60min vinyasa flow

Yoga for a healthy back

Yoga for back health

Yoga for healthy knees and open hips

Yoga for hip and knee health

Active strengthening backbends and variations of ashtanga namaskar

60min vinyasa flow

Parsva kakasana – side crow pose


Fire and air – twists and backbends

60min vinyasa flow

Finding balance

60min vinyasa flow

Moving from all fours… – Creative Play

15min creative play

I also offer a free audio library of guided meditations and guided relaxations / yoga nidra