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Appear as you are. Be as you appear.


All my courses and talks are open to everyone – whether you like to sit on the floor, in a chair or even stand; whether you’ve been meditating for 20 years or have never tried; whether your mind is easily focused or mostly all over the place (like mine…).


In additional to workshops and courses all my yoga retreats explore mindfulness and meditation, too.

4 week meditation course – live on Zoom, 4 x 60mins


Vipassana the art of insight meditation

Wednesdays 21 February – 13 March 2024
18:30 – 19:30 UK time

Not around then, but still interested?

Recordings will be available if you need to miss a session, and there’s also a ‘recording-only’ option for £40. Email me.

Vipassana meditation – or insight meditation as it’s often called – is part of the practices taught in the early Buddhist tradition and still popular today. Many people have come across 10 day silent Vipassana retreats popularised worldwide by S.N. Goenka, and the practice is alive in teachings and a variety of retreat offerings worldwide. 

Over the course of 4 weeks, we explore the characteristics of insight meditation through short talks, guided meditations, and exchange and discussion. 

More about the course

The term Vipassana translates as ‘deeper seeing’. We develop the capacity to ‘look more closely’, to develop clarity and understanding. Often it is translated as ‘insight’. 

Vipassana explores the impermanence of all phenomena, and the nature of life with all its pressures, and helps us to develop equanimity and an open, non-judgemental awareness. 

Everyone is welcome – whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator.

You will receive recordings of short talks and guided practices to download. You can work with these should you need to miss a session, and they can also become a basis for your own continued home practice.

We will work in a small group of people to create a safe and inclusive space to explore and practice.

Cost: £65

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Or email me to pay by bank transfer (and avoid the card payment fees).
Concessions available on a sliding scale: please get in touch.

Please read the course Terms & Conditions before booking.

Pre-recorded digital courses available now

5 elements course

8 hour yoga and meditation course

Cultivating presence course

3.5 hour meditation course

It’s really mind blowing how just after the first week I began to use some of the really valuable tools throughout my day from the course. Everything was made so accessible that it so easy to take and use in a way that worked for me. The sessions felt like we were part of a community and I’m sad to see them go!

4 week online course: Building resilience and managing stress

I found the whole course and the interactions with others incredibly supportive, uplifting and very powerful. In that short space of time, I was able to reflect on a lot and I came away with an enhanced mood and a desire to pause a little more and be kind to myself. What a wonderful gift to be able to offer myself. Thank you.

4 week online course: Building resilience and managing stress

Lots of immensely useful advice on building resilience and guided practical sessions. Works very well as an online zoom course. Isabell has a fabulous voice for leading mindfulness.

4 week online course: Building resilience and managing stress

Isabell’s calm, patient and welcoming manner ensured that every class was a truly safe space, and that every contribution was valid. I felt there was just the right balance between theory and practice.

6 week mindfulness and self-compassion course participant

Isabell is very well organised and the structure of the 6 week course is well planned and thoughtfully put together, including meditation downloads and further reading available on her website, which is extremely helpful.

6 week mindfulness and self-compassion course participant

Isabell's approach to the body is so intuitive and supportive. I would recommend her yoga and meditation courses as part of a daily practice. Her sessions offer ideas and exercises that allow for a deeply felt sense of connection.

Meditation class participant

Manage anxiety or depression, practice mindfulness or self-compassion one to one

I create bespoke sessions tailored around your individual needs. They are particularly powerful when you’re going through a challenging period in your life. 1-2-1 sessions can run as individual sessions, but usually come as a series of four to eight, so that practices and teachings can be introduced sequentially and you can establish a home practice in between sessions.

You are invited into my little practice room in Stoke Newington or I’m happy to join you in the comfort of your own home. Private sessions usually work best for one to one tuition, but can also be adapted to small groups.

Please email me for available times and prices.

Contact me

I reached out to Isabell as part of my recovery from a burn-out. I booked a bundle of 6 sessions with Isabell which I found extremely helpful. Isabell's knowledge of the complex workings of the nervous system, her gentle and caring approach, and her expertise in facilitating restorative yoga poses provided me with just what I needed to restore some inner balance and calm. I also really valued Isabell's guidance on how to think about and reframe my experience of insomnia and anxiety. Her words will stay with me and guide me when I encounter life's inevitable challenges and anxious moments in the future.

Private client

Isabell's passion for meditation shines through. The depth of her experience and knowledge makes the meditation classes a unique experience. My personal meditation practice wouldn't be what it is without her calming, considered jewels of wisdom. Hearing her talk about the subject of mindfulness and meditation makes the ambiguity diminish. The task is clear and the benefits come to light.


For years I practised yoga thinking meditation as a separate practice was not for me. Realising I might be missing something I fortuitously booked a meditation class with Isabell. I absolutely love her warm, open-minded, creative and generous approach. I always connect with her words, her energy, and ability to guide us so beautifully in the here and now through each class.


Mindfulness at work

Busy work lives often include a lot of challenges and pressure to perform and achieve. Mindfulness can help to reduce stress, anxiety and conflict, and supports better communication. It increase resilience and emotional intelligence. And mindfulness is the best way to not only enhance our well-being but also to improve our efficiency and productivity, supporting increased focus, memory and creativity.

I give talks and facilitate workshops and 4 – 8 week courses at your workplace which can be tailored to the needs of the group.

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Cultivate your practice

Yoga and mindfulness retreat in Turkey

18 – 25 May 2024 at Turquoise retreat, near Kalkan

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