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Sthira sukham asanam


Posture should be steady and comfortable.

translated by Edwin F. Bryant


Weekly classes      |      One to one sessions      |      Yoga at work

I teach flowing vinyasa yoga classes for all levels in London, mainly in Islington, Shoreditch and Stoke Newington. The classes link movement and breath in imaginative, sometimes challenging, and always fun sequences, balancing the energy of dynamic movement with the stillness of a moving meditation. My classes are inclusive, welcoming and friendly. While focusing on physical movement and postures, they always include some breath work and exploration of psychology, philosophy or yoga history. I emphasise physical and subtle energetic aspects, guiding students to become more aware of the body and familiar with the mind.

I also teach gentle flow and restorative yoga, and yoga nidra (‘yogic sleep’: deep guided relaxation) – particularly in regular courses, on retreats, and 1-2-1.

Asana practice supports a strong immune system creating a balance between strength and flexibility in the body. It energises and invigorates. Prepared in this way we can work in our meditation practice to deepen self-reflective awareness and calm the mind, so that over time we can see a little more clearly what drives our feelings, emotions, actions and reactions.

Weekly timetable

Please follow the links to book with the studios directly. All UK times.
I also teach regular 4 week movement and meditation and mindfulness courses at studios and live online.

Mondays 18:15 – 19:15

Vinyasa flow, level 1

yogahome Stoke Newington, hybrid

Mondays 19:30 – 20:45

Vinyasa flow, open level

yogahome Stoke Newington

Tuesdays 13:00 – 13:45

Vinyasa flow, open level

yogahome Stoke Newington, hybrid

Tuesdays 19:30 – 20:30

Vinyasa flow, open level

Triyoga Shoreditch, hybrid

Thursdays 13:15 – 14:00

Vinyasa flow, open level

yogahome Stoke Newington

Fridays 8:00 – 8:45

Vinyasa flow, open level

The Life Centre, live stream

Fridays 11:00 – 12:00

Yoga with meditation

Triyoga Shoreditch, hybrid

Fridays 13:00 – 14:00

Vinyasa flow, open level

yogahome Stoke Newington

Saturdays 10:30 – 11:45

Slow flow, open level

yogahome Stoke Newington, hybrid

I've been attending Isabell's yoga classes for about the last 3 years – it's hard to be exact because these classes have an eternal feel, as if you've always been going, or at least wish you had. The atmosphere is at once disciplined & nurturing, a fine balance & all too rare in my experience of London yoga. I feel blessed to have found a teacher who, whilst opening the spine & the hips, endeavours to do the same for the mind and the heart.


Isabell Britsch is **amazing** - her sequencing is so imaginative and intuitive and she gives really excellent adjustments.

from Life Centre survey

I really enjoy the flowing and meditative nature of Isabell's classes. Each class builds-up poses around differing themes accompanied by some great soundtracks.
There is an insightful blend of yoga theory with strong practice.
Isabell has thoughtful new approaches to the poses I have always found challenging, and thanks to these classes I have continued to evolve my practice and am still finding new aspects of yoga to enjoy!

Sarah L.

Really creative and considered class - plenty of opportunities to try new things, and options given for different intensities. Really enjoyed it.

from Life Centre survey

Isabell has enabled me to really deepen my practice due to her expertise in and passion for yoga. Her approach is full of warmth, energy and humour and I always come away from her dynamic classes energised.


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Select from short and free invigorating sun burst sun salutes, full length vinyasa classes, gentle flow and restore sessions and workshops around specific themes.


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Tailor made one to one sessions

Privates are bespoke sessions that I teach online on Zoom, in my little yoga room or at your home.

They are built around your individual needs and interests and allow deeper focus on alignment, understanding of breathing techniques, meditation and yoga philosophy. This is a chance to take your practice to a new level. Private sessions are suitable for one to one tuition or small groups.

Please just email me for available times and prices.

Email me

I reached out to Isabell as part of my recovery from a burn-out. I booked a bundle of 6 sessions with Isabell which I found extremely helpful. Isabell's knowledge of the complex workings of the nervous system, her gentle and caring approach, and her expertise in facilitating restorative yoga poses provided me with just what I needed to restore some inner balance and calm. I also really valued Isabell's guidance on how to think about and reframe my experience of insomnia and anxiety. Her words will stay with me and guide me when I encounter life's inevitable challenges and anxious moments in the future.

Private client

Isabell is a truly incredible yoga teacher. I value my weekly one to one sessions with her enormously as they provide a wonderful environment in which to develop my practice and calm my mind. I couldn't recommend Isabell more highly.


Isabell is one of the best yoga teachers I have come across in over a decade of practicing across different schools in London. After attending a few group classes with her I decided to take some private lessons to get her support in bringing my body (and mind) back to strength and alignment after a series of pelvic operations and health issues. Her approach was thoughtful, methodical and extremely well tailored. She was able to harness my alpha personality and need for a quick rebound while giving me a deeper understanding of the benefits of careful pace, strategic alignment, breath work and restoration in a way that worked for me. After just 6 sessions the results were amazing. My strength was vastly improved, body more toned, I was able to do more challenging poses than before the operations and I had deeper sense of clarity in my individual practice at home and in other classes. She has a charming but satisfyingly strong personality, and I can’t recommend her more highly to both beginners and more seasoned yogis no matter their shape, size or strength.


I have received 121s from Isabell for years. Lessons are tailored to my requirements: building core strength, spending 40 minutes analysing warrior one, headstand practice, meditation techniques, whatever I suggest. Equally Isabell will suggest areas I might like to inquire into more depth and areas of improvement. We have the time to investigate the subtleties and nuances of asanas in a way that is not possible in an open class. As a direct result of these 121s my appreciation of all that yoga can offer has widened and deepened. My practice is now truly ‘my practice’.


My series of six private classes with Isabell really transformed my yoga practice. It was incredibly helpful to have classes tailored to my own practice. Isabell was really patient and thoughtful and came up with a series of new ways for me to approach handstands, arm balances and headstands - and I was astonished at the progress I made, after years of being terrified of inversions. I would strongly recommend private classes with Isabell to anyone who wants to develop their practice.


Whatever mood or physical state you are in, Isabell has incredible capacity to adapt the session to your specific needs. She runs her yoga session with deep knowledge, great empathy and incredible professionalism. She is definitively one of the best yoga teachers in London.


Yoga at work

Ease postural tension at a lunch time yoga class and start the second half of the day energised and focused. Or enjoy an after work session to move into your evening calm and refreshed.

All you need to provide is a room with sufficient space and I can help with organising mats etc.

Please contact me for more information and prices.

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