Appear as you are. Be as you appear.


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All my classes and talks are open to everyone – whether you like to sit on the floor, in a chair or even stand; whether you’ve been meditating for 20 years or have never tried; whether your mind is easily focused or mostly all over the place (like mine…).

I usually start by giving a short talk on a particular subject that informs our practice that day and then guide through a formal practice. In additional to regular meditation classes all my yoga retreats include morning and evening meditation and I often include meditative practices like yoga nidra in my yoga workshops.

Weekly timetable

Please follow the links to book with the studios directly. All UK times.

Tuesdays 12:00 – 12:30

Meditation, everyone welcome

the Life Centre, live stream only

In addition to weekly classes, I also teach regular 4 week meditation and mindfulness courses at studios and live online, and have a full schedule of vinyasa yoga classes.

Isabell's passion for meditation shines through. The depth of her experience and knowledge makes the meditation classes a unique experience. My personal meditation practice wouldn't be what it is without her calming, considered jewels of wisdom. Hearing her talk about the subject of mindfulness and meditation makes the ambiguity diminish. The task is clear and the benefits come to light.


For years I practised yoga thinking meditation as a separate practice was not for me. Realising I might be missing something I fortuitously booked a meditation class with Isabell. I absolutely love her warm, open-minded, creative and generous approach. I always connect with her words, her energy, and ability to guide us so beautifully in the here and now through each class.


Practice mindfulness and self-compassion one to one

I create bespoke sessions tailored around your individual needs. They can run as individual sessions, but usually come as a series of four to eight, so that practices and teachings can be introduced sequentially and you can establish a home practice in between sessions. Apart from formal practice sessions I will also highlight how and where to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion in your daily life.

This is a chance to begin this journey from the comfort of your own home (or mine), or deepen your practice to truly let it inform your life. Private sessions usually work best for one to one tuition, but can also be adapted to small groups.

Please email me for available times and prices.

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I wish I could show you
When you are lonely or in darkness
The astonishing light
Of your own being