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Hips, legs, feet

a 4 week course


Our ways of moving – and also not moving – often mean hips are tight, knees strained and feet neglected. This can be a result of poor movement patterns, overuse, or stress (the hips are one of the areas in the body that often tighten when we feel stressed or worried).

In this 4 week course we will work with balancing these effects, strengthening core and upper body, including neck, back and shoulders, as well as actively creating more mobility and passively releasing tension.

We need both stability and mobility because when the brain realises that muscles and tissue are weak or unstable, the nervous system responds by sending messages to those tissues to tighten up. So, muscles that are tight are often also weak. 

So, we need to send a message to the nervous system that it no longer needs to tighten up these tissues to protect the joints. And one way to do that is to strengthen and stabilise those muscles, while soothing the nervous system with some mobilisation and releasing stretches.

WEEK 1   |   WEEK 2   |   WEEK 3   |   WEEK 4

Week 1 – hip stability and types of movement at the hip joint

Week 2 – ankle stability and types of movement for the foot and ankle

Week 3 – knee stability, glute activation and more work with hips and feet

Week 4 – stabilising the whole lower body and opening the hips